Sunday, October 28, 2007

Quick Hook

I think Daisuke got a little bit of a quick hook by Francona right there. He's been flirting with trouble a bit the last couple innings, but with a 6-0 lead, you have to give the man a chance to work out of it. He wasn't happy to come out of the game. All of Japan is watching and this was his moment to shine. This was the championship game of the WBC all over again for Daisuke and for the entire nation of Japan. For him to come out mid-inning was slightly deflating.

5.1 innings pitched looks a lot less impressive than 6 complete. Now Hawpe swings at the first pitch and gives up an earned run to Daisuke. That's horses*&t in baseball parlance. Our man got a seriously raw deal.


At 12:27 PM, Blogger lostinube said...

And Daisuke ends up with two earned runs because Francona made (in my opinion) a rare mis-step by bringing in Lopez (aside from perhaps pulling Daisuke too fast).
At the very least, the Sox will probably hold on, putting Daisuke in the record books as the first Japanese pitcher to win a World Series game.
And regular NHK STOPPED AIRING THE GAME from the middle of the sixth and everyone had to switch over to NHK BS (which not everyone has) to watch the rest of the game. What the heck is up with that?

At 12:32 PM, Anonymous DaisukeM18 said...

Raw deal is right. Curt gets Okajima to bail him out of his 6th inning mess, and Daisuke gets Lopez. A lefty specialist that can't get lefties out.

Hopefully we can still squeeze an inning out of Okajima tonight.

At 12:45 PM, Blogger lostinube said...

Holy crap!
Okay, maybe Daisuke won't get the win.
6-5 after Okajima gives up a homer.

At 1:10 PM, Anonymous DaisukeM18 said...

We better hope Okajima or Manny Delcarmen can bridge the gap to Papelbon, or Daisuke will be robbed of his rightful win.

At 2:42 PM, Anonymous DaisukeM18 said...

In the end, Daisuke got his win and his reputation as a big game pitcher is proved correct once again.

Good times here in Boston. One more win to make history.

At 2:48 PM, Blogger miz said...


At 3:48 PM, Blogger aboyandhisrobot said...

I have never been as happy as when I saw Dice K hit that 2 run single!

At 7:42 PM, Blogger Anthony1960 said...

Come on!!With two straight walks he had to take him out. This is the WORLD SERIES!!! WE WIN!! I am happy to say that Francona has had the quick hook all post season.Here's a prediction, Dice K will win Twenty games next year. I really think he need to get comfortable in America and with a full season under his belt he will be awsome!!

At 1:02 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

That was probably an error by Francona, but at least Daisuke came out with the win. I'd like to hear your thoughts and predictions on how Daisuke will do next season after spending a year in the major leagues. Will he be dominate? What parts of his game does he need to work on in order to do that? Please tell us your thoughts before retiring this blog. Thanks!

At 10:59 PM, Anonymous BCC said...

Daisuke has had a troubling pattern of cruising along nicely and then having a bad inning. Francona was right to pull the plug.

I believe that Daisuke should be able to be significantly better next year. He had a lot to adjust to this year, and while he showed signs of brilliance, he never really was able to get everything in order. I really hope that he learns how to change his game the way Josh Beckett did between '06 and '07.

At 1:01 AM, Blogger miz said...

all in all, considering what he had to go through in terms of adjustments, i think he did pretty good. at the top of his game, he can strike out anyone. once he works on consistency, he will have a great career ahead of him!

At 6:38 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've got a question for any and all Japan residents.

What's the coverage on the World Series results, the celebration, the parade etc?

How about Okajima's Duck Boat jig :)

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