Saturday, September 29, 2007


I'm late on this, but my buddy needs win #15 for a big payday. I've got out the Daisuke pom-poms and I'm going to predict:

8 IP
7 hits
2 walks
2 runs
10 Ks
WIN #15

Good luck Daisuke!!


At 10:38 AM, Blogger Tub said...

very good prediction. and a strong solid start for Dice. Lets hope JP closes this one out fast.

At 10:57 AM, Blogger Tully Moxness said...

I almost had an attack when TF brought Daisuke back for the 8th; shades of the soon to be former Dodgers manager. I know it was only the Twins, but this was a great game for Daisuke-san. It's not too late to make a big mark in the post-season and shut up the naysayers who keep ripping the Sox for the big contract to DM.

Tell your buddy congrats, Mike! Sometimes the best things are worth waiting for!

At 12:25 PM, Anonymous DaisukeM18 said...

Daisuke's 15th victory helped clinch the Division with a little help from Baltimore. This should boost his confidence in the playoffs.

At 3:24 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You made a great prediction this week Mike! You were very close to Dice's actual numbers. Go SOX!

At 1:27 AM, Anonymous Rob said...

No surprise Matsuzaka had a great start. He was facing the Twins for the first time:

Teams faced once:
ARI - 3.00 ERA, 6 IP, 9 K, 4 BB
ATL - 3.38 ERA, 8 IP, 6 K, 0 BB
CHW - 5.40 ERA, 5 IP, 6 K, 6 BB
KCR - 1.29 ERA, 7 IP, 10 K, 1 BB
OAK - 2.57 ERA, 7 IP, 8 K, 2 BB
SDP - 1.50 ERA, 6 IP, 9 K, 5 BB
SFG - 0.00 ERA, 7 IP, 8 K, 3 BB
TEX - 9.00 ERA, 5 IP, 6 K, 3 BB

Teams faced more than once:
BAL - 8.38 ERA, 9.2 IP, 9 K, 7 BB
CLE - 4.26 ERA, 12.2 IP, 9 K, 3 BB
DET - 4.50 ERA, 14 IP, 9 K, 1 BB
NYY - 6.12 ERA, 25 IP, 23 K, 13 BB
SEA - 4.33 ERA, 27 IP, 23 K, 9 BB
TBD - 4.09 ERA, 33 IP, 35 K, 12 BB
TOR - 5.18 ERA, 24.1 IP, 23 K, 9 BB

At 9:10 PM, Anonymous DaisukeM18 said...

Nice stats Rob. But some of Daisuke's best games came when he already played teams once. His first starts against these 3 teams were pretty terrible. His final starts against them were fairly good thought.

Last game against Yankees...

5.2in 2er

Last game against Seattle...

7in 2er

Last game against Cleveland...

7in 0er

It isn't so cut and dry. Teams that see him multiple times don't always have more success.

At 10:20 PM, Blogger pgriffith said...


Great prediction. You were so close. Good for Daisuke for pitching a great game! It was nice to see him win #15 and the Red Sox clinched the division on the same night. That video on #15 was great! Daisuke should have at least 18 wins. Next year will definitely be better. Hopefully he does good in the playoffs.


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