Friday, April 06, 2007

So far, so good

I had some thoughts about "Live blogging" this game, but it's now 4am in Japan, and I can't muster the energy to do it. Maybe next time.

Daisuke looked nervous to start the game, and a bit cold. It's Top of the 4th now and I think Matsuzaka has done a good job getting through three innings unscathed. He hasn't had his best breaking stuff so far (weather?), but he's changing pace and location nicely to keep hitters off balance. He touched 94 on the gun a few times, and has thrown one or two very nice sliders. The fastball is the key. When he's worked off the fastball, the offspeed pitches have been effective. When he's featured the breaking ball, it hasn't been as strong. Let's see what happens in innings 4-6, shall we?

Check back again for an update, and later in the day I will break this game down batter by batter.


At 5:00 AM, Blogger John said...

wow I came back home and couldn't be happier with the performance i'm witnessing. Granted, it's Kansas City but still :)

At 5:15 AM, Anonymous Stormy said...

If he's done after six, his line is:

6 IP
6 hits
1 ER
1 BB
8 SO
1 HR

Should have actually been 2 ER (second-base ump blew a call on a stolen base and the next batter hit a double).

Nice first start (though it is the Royals).


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