Monday, March 12, 2007

Baseball Prospectus

I'd like to announce that I will be writing for the outstanding baseball think tank Baseball Prospectus during the 2007 season, covering Japanese baseball in all its various forms. This is an exciting opportunity to expand the coverage of the Japanese game in an English language medium via the most respected and intellectual organization in the baseball writing community.

Baseball Japan, and the other blogs I have created to cover specific players, will continue as a source for information and analysis on the Japanese game. These blogs will only be made better by the association with BP, and I hope to provide expanded and in-depth coverage of the issues raised and examined in my work there. These sources should provide a synergy that will help the rabid baseball fan dig deeper into the specifics of the sport in Japan, while also giving the casual fan a broader scope on the personalities and cultural points that exist across the Pacific.

Thank you for your continued support here and across the range of my other work. Please drop by Baseball Prospectus as often as possible to read our work and make sure to pick up your copy of Baseball Prospectus 2007 for the skinny on anything and everything related to Major League Baseball in 2007. See you around!


At 4:27 PM, Blogger Jason McAdams said...

Hey Mike,

Congrats on the BP gig. Look forward to reading your stuff over there.


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