Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Daisuke Bulletin #5

We're fast approaching another start for our young ace. In the meantime, I've come across a very nicely written account of Matsuzaka's pitching career and the forthcoming "posting" that seems to be just on the horizon. The blog that produced this article is a Red Sox fan blog, and the writer imagines Alex Rodriguez whiffing on the mysterious gyroball, which put a smile on my face. Funny mental image. In the end, he seems resigned to the fact that the gyroball will more likely be used to put David Ortiz to rest, thanks to the Yankees big wallet.

I would agree with that, with one caveat. The Yankees and Mariners are the front runners because they have formed close ties with the Japanese baseball community before everyone else. In a way, both teams are insiders. A few other teams have made in-roads as well, with players acquired via posting, but non as high profile as the M's and the Bombers. There is still the element of dollars and cents that leaves it open to anyone who wants to spend. A lot of teams won't spend big to get a Japanese pitcher, and it probably doesn't make sense for them. A lot of teams would like to spend big, but there's also the matter of negotiating with Scott Boras after the money is in Seibu's bank account, and the threat of Matsuzaka saying, "No thank you" to teams in less desirable markets is very real. I'm not sure he would do that, but Boras certainly will play that card to scare teams with tight purse strings away.

The Red Sox are not one of those teams, however. They probably have fond memories of the no hitter that Hideo Nomo threw for them some years ago. The Sox can outbid the Yanks if they want to. They can probably sign Matsuzaka and reap all the benefits of his youth, talent, and marketability. I don't think they will though. I think the road is too difficult, and the sense that the Yankees have beaten them out on something they wanted again is not an easy situation for Theo Epstein and company. Instead, I imagine they will continue to pursue a deal for Roy Oswalt or sign Barry Zito. The specter of Matsuzaka in a Red Sox uniform does make me uneasy, and probably would mark the only reason I could learn to dislike the guy who has become my favorite player.

I also found an article in the Washington Post indicating that the Orioles are interested in Matsuzaka.........HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAA.


Sorry, nothing against the Orioles, but that would be one of the biggest wastes of prime time talent in the history of Major League Baseball. There is no Japanese market for Matsuzaka in Baltimore, and the Orioles have so many problems that one guy will not even come close to solving them. Stay out of the way Angelos. Stay tuned.


At 3:45 PM, Anonymous ChrisV82 said...

I find it difficult to believe Angelos would ever want a quality pitcher on his team. After all, didn't he have a chance to trade Tejada for Santana (Angels edition) this season? I think Santana would be a better piece to build a team around.


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